A Great Team in New Buffalo: Athletes and Chiropractic Care

A Great Team in New Buffalo: Athletes and Chiropractic Care


School is back in session, fall sports are underway, and young and old athletes are getting out on the field. Playing sports is a wonderful way to stay healthy and active, but playing sports does come with the risk of injury and muscle overuse. You may be committed to stretching before a big game, drinking enough water to stay adequately hydrated, and eating the right foods, but have you considered chiropractic care? Athletes are definitely a population that can benefit from visits to the chiropractor—read on to learn more about why chiropractic and sports are a great team!

Chiropractic is Proactive

Don’t wait until you are mid season and sustain a serious injury to seek medical care. Chiropractic in New Buffalo differs from traditional doctor’s visits because chiropractors focus on spotting potential weaknesses or problems before they lead to an injury, not treating an existing injury. Being proactive in caring for your body will pay off when you avoid potential injuries from trauma or overuse. Especially for children, it can be difficult to spot a minor injury, and they might not know to hold back from further causing damage to that area. A good chiropractor can spot weak areas, problems with posture or balance that could lead to falls, or favoring one side of the body. For kids, spotting potential problems while they are still young can stop them before they become chronic issues that cause pain and immobility as an adult. Be proactive, and visit the chiropractor before your season gets in full swing; you will save yourself time, money, and pain later!

Increased Flexibility

As we age our flexibility naturally decreases. The cumulative effects of daily life, injuries, muscle strain, or a sedentary lifestyle can all decrease our flexibility which leads to pain and even immobility. Flexibility is especially important in sports, where twists, turns, sudden stops and starts, and bends are common and necessary movements. Keeping your muscles pliable and flexible reduces the risk of injury, and allows for ease of motion. Flexibility not only helps in the sports world, but can keep you active and pain-free well into older age. Decreased flexibility usually starts a domino effect of problems, avoid starting on that downward spiral by staying mobile and flexible.

Fewer Injuries

Along with being more flexible, chiropractic can also help athletes sustain fewer injuries. Being out of alignment puts your body at risk for injury, and could put a serious damper on your playing season. A chiropractor will be able to assess your alignment, range of motion, and more to get your body into peak performance before your next big game and help you avoid injury. An injury can really affect not only your next game, but your season, your scouting opportunities, and your college sports career plans. Keep yourself injury-free and participating in the sports you love!

Reduced Recovery Time

While chiropractic care can help your body be ready for the next practice or game, you will never be able to avoid 100 percent of injuries. If you do get injured, regular chiropractic visits can help reduce your recovery time, and have you back on the team more quickly. Combining massage and stretching techniques with range of motion, chiropractors help to get injured areas moving again, in a controlled and gentle way. Muscle tension can be alleviated, allowing for easier movement and blood flow to the injured area. A good chiropractor can also advise you on the best exercises to do to stimulate and encourage healing. Chiropractic care focuses on keeping the body moving, allowing for natural and safe healing of any sports injuries you have sustained.

Improved Performance

Athletes are always looking for ways to be faster, stronger, and better. Think of a machine that is slightly out of alignment: it will not work as smoothly, which will affect both the speed and quality. The same is true of the human body, and keeping your body in alignment allows it to move in the most efficient way possible. Studies have shown that athletes perform better after receiving chiropractic treatment, and not only does the body move better, but hand-eye coordination is improved as well. Football, baseball, basketball, and soccer players can all benefit from regular chiropractic care to keep them at the top of their game.

Helps With Common Sports Complaints

There are certain injuries that are common to each specific sport, and some maladies that all athletes are prone to. Headaches are something that many athletes struggle with, from muscle tension, strain, stress, and even dehydration. Chiropractic can alleviate tension in the neck and result in fewer headaches. Shoulder pain is another common concern of athletes, and can result in limited use of the arm and hand if not treated. Chiropractic can help shoulder pain by realigning the spine and helping regain full motion in the shoulder. Ankle and foot injuries are extremely common in sports, and you might be surprised that chiropractic is not just for the back and spine, but can even help the feet. Chiropractic can help with injuries and sprains to the ankle area, and reduce the recovery time and pain while increasing the mobility.

Non-Invasive Treatment

There are many surgical ways that sports injuries are treated, and the side effects that go along with these invasive procedures are vast. A surgical solution should be considered as a last resort, and using the body’s own ability to heal and repair should be harnessed first. Chiropractic seeks to utilize the body’s own abilities to regain mobility and reduce pain, and is non-invasive and gentle. Chiropractic works to restore movement while being completely drug-free.

Helps You Be Like the Pros

When you are dedicated to your sport, you look to the greats to emulate their moves, training schedules, and lifestyle habits. So if you knew that an estimated ninety percent of professional athletes used chiropractic care, wouldn’t you want to use it as well? Chiropractic care has helped countless professional golfers, boxers, football players, basketball players, and more. Many professional sports teams employ chiropractors on their staff to keep their players at peak performance and help with injury reduction, recovery, and flexibility. Be like the pros, and head to the chiropractor before your season starts!

So if you are an athlete in New Buffalo, you should be utilizing the great performance enhancing capabilities of chiropractic! Before you sustain an injury, develop a chiropractic plan that will keep you performing well and reduce muscle strain and joint pain. If you are looking for a great chiropractor in New Buffalo to help you become the best athlete you can be, Corrective Chiropractic Clinic is here for you! Discover how chiropractic can make you a better athlete, and stay in the game! Contact us today for a free consultation!


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