Neurostructural Correction

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Our chiropractic clinic in New Buffalo offers a very specific type of care called NeuroStructural Correction.

Traditional chiropractors typically focus on three things:

  1. Reducing Pain
  2. Improving Range of Motion
  3. Reducing Muscle Spasms

These are all excellent things, and many people have been helped by this type of care.

NeuroStructural Correction’s purpose is to make long term changes to the very foundation of the spine by focusing on the alignment and proper curves of the spine and the performance of the Nerve System.

Once the primary condition (called a NeuroStructural Shift) is corrected then many of the secondary conditions (symptoms) go away.

If a house has a shifted foundation, you may find that you have problems with the walls buckling, the plumbing and electric systems may leak or short circuit, the windows might stick open or closed, and the doors might creek. You can keep addressing these annoyances (symptoms), but they are likely to keep recurring until the underlying cause is corrected. Your spine is the core foundation of your body, and all of the organs, muscles, and connective tissue are wired directly into it.

This is the only spine and nerve system you have been given. Protecting it is paramount.


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