NeuroStructural Examination

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Following a consultation, if you and Dr. Strother believe it is appropriate to continue, you will undergo a comprehensive NeuroStructural examination at Corrective Chiropractic Clinic. Remember, just because you choose to have a conversation with the chiropractor does not mean you are required to complete the process; you will not incur charges if the examination is not completed.

A NeuroStructural examination is different than any exam you may have participated in; it is extensive and will typically include:

  • Digital NeuroStructural Alignment Analysis
  • Structural Foundational Shift Assessment
  • Neuro-Surface Electromyography Performance
  • Infrared Autonomic Nerve Performance
  • Digital Structure Radiographs (if the Dr. determines it’s appropriate)

These tests are all painless and will help us conclude if NeuroStructural Correction is right for you.

Please plan to be in the office for approximately 1 1/2 hours. Be prepared to dress appropriately for the examination; while we provide thick fabric gowns, the process can be far more comfortable for you if you wear clothing free of buttons, zippers, and rivets.

Once the examination is complete and a NeuroStructural shift has been confirmed, a follow up visit will be scheduled to review the results. Dr. Strother will discuss the specifics of your shift, treatment recommendations, and if you both decide to continue he will help you begin the NeuroStructural Corrective Process. If you are experiencing neck, back or other problems, the alignment of your spine could be the cause.


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